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Build your knowledge base and your opportunities with project management, leadership and human resource skills. Improve your  skills, increase your value. Learn leadership skills that can drive your vision.


Project/Business Consulting

We believe that goal setting, vison, competence, and collaboration are vital in gaining heights in business. This is where we coming with professionalism and expertise to help you build and achieve the greatness in your mind.

Our Services

Business development

It includes defining solutions for identified problems for customers and organization, differentiating activities  pertaining to the implementation of the model, defining new revenue source, selecting most attractive customer and relevant partners for sustainable business success and continue growth.


Risk analysis

Risk are event that could negatively or positively impact our business objectives. Proper management could bring about good business success and mitigate against potential negative impact.


Project planning and execution

This is the procedural step in project management, where required documentation is created to ensure successful project completion. Documents include all actions required to defined, prepare, integrate, and coordinate additional plans.


Business model development and modification

This generally refers to the activity of designing a company’s business model and modifying the existing one to align with the company’s vision and goals. This also entails identifying the stakeholders, developing good business processes, creating a strong value proposition, and analyzing its cost and benefits.


Strategy architect

This entails  creating a unique way to implement business plan, providing support, guidance and expertise to IT programs and projects from ideation to closure. Identifying business and information technology trends and recommending best practices, solutions, methodologies and strategies for the purpose achieving organizational goals.


Startup enhancement

It involves the use of project management skills, human resource tools and techniques for startup idea incubation, innovation and realization. This is helping the ideator to realise his business ideas and plans through proper business development service.